Aloe Vera Home Made Organic Oil (30ml)

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Contains the health properties of the original aloe vera plant, it possesses anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, antifungal, antioxidant, and astringent activity. Like aloe vera gel, aloe oil is also known for its ability to promote skin health. You can apply directly to hair and body, or mix it with lotion, shampoo or conditioner.

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Pure Aloe Vera Oil

30 ml

•Massage oil -due to its ability to relieve pain and inflammation.

•Aromatherapy oil - Aromatherapists often mix aloe vera oil with other carrier oils in order to make use of its healing and rejuvenating activities.

•Haircare product - It can be used as a conditioner to help treat dry scalp and dandruff.

•Treatment for insect bites - This plant oil can also be used to help treat swelling and inflammation caused by insect bites from bees and wasps.

•Dental care product - Nutrients in aloe vera have been found to aid in the treatment of periodontal disease. Used as a massage oil for the gums and teeth, this oil can help reduce the risk of caries, plaque, and even gingivitis.


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